Antonio’s Italian Cafe

Scrumptious Lasagna, freshly baked garlic bread, delicious seafood with a side salad and many other Italian selections are exclusively featured at Antonio’s Italian Café.

Bojack’s Broiler Pit

A foodie will never get disheartened if he is in Lewiston! Bojack’s Broiler Pit serves amazing bite-size steak and onion rings. The amicable atmosphere with soothing ambience adds to the
taste of the food!

Macullen’s American Eatery

Out of the handful of dining options in Lewiston Macullen’s eatery provides delicious, mouthwatering food at the most decent pricing.


For all the foodies who are obsessed with American Casual food and classic drinks shall reach the neighborhood Applebee’s franchise. It is known to be the best grill+ bar restaurant chain.