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Favorite Restaurants

Favorite Restaurants in Lewiston

Antonio’s Italian Cafe

Great pizzas, a huge salad bar and reasonable prices keep customers to coming to Antonio’s.  The feel is casual and family friendly with booster chairs and a kids’ menu for little ones.

1407  Main Street, Lewiston, ID.,(208)746-6262


Bojack’s Broiler Pit

Long-time Lewiston favorite Bojack’s Broiler Pit serves up serious steaks and prime rib in addition to pasta selections and a menu of cocktails.  Family owned since 1969, it’s clear many of the customers are regulars who keep coming back for the friendly service.

   311 Main Street, Lewiston, ID., (208)746-9532

Macullen’s American Eatery

One of Lewiston’s upscale yet unpretentious dining options, Macullen’s features dinner entrees like smoked shrimp and grits and an Urfa red pepper rubbed bistro tender.  For lunch bite into the spirit burger, a 1/3 lb. patty topped with maple-glaze bacon, caramelized onions and Boursin cheese.

1516 Main Street, Lewiston, ID., (208)746-3438

The Café Sage

Formerly known as the Sage Baking Company of Lewiston, The Café Sage continues to bake rustic breads, homemade pastries and the desserts that keep it hopping.  For breakfast, it’s a one-stop-shop for strong espresso, oatmeal and granola.  Lunch features salads and sandwiches and come evening it’s the place for a light dinner with live music.

1303 Main Street, Lewiston, ID., (208)743-2474



For those who like what they know and know what they like there’s the local Applebee’s franchise.  Besides family favorites like chicken and pastas, the restaurant also features several sections of healthy, low-calorie fare if guests are watching their waistlines.

2235 Thain Grade, Lewiston, ID., (208) 746-8000